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Monday, August 13, 2007
After spending upwards of 40 years as citizens and residents of New York city it's actually a bit stunning that we're leaving. That's right, we're moving out. Good bye NYC, so long New York State. Of course, we aren't exactly moving, unfortunately, to "red state" country -- only up I-95 to Fairfield, CT. But still, it's OUT OF NEW YORK CITY.

One expected benefit going forward is that our perspective, removed from the eye of the tumult, will henceforth be more measured, more prospective and introspective, than it has been to date as the rain upon rain of inanities and misguided policies flowed down on our collective heads year after year. Without having to keep one hand on the umbrella and the other guarding our wallets both hands will now be free for more productive endeavors.

There's a tremendous amount we'll miss -- after all NYC is in our DNA -- but still more that we won't. Nevertheless, with many many friends and family members firmly ensconced in NYC and surrounding environs we'll be back, often. However, for now... the new issue of

City Journal is out.

City Journal Summer 2007. Summer 2007.

A quarterly magazine of
urban affairs, published by
the Manhattan Institute,
edited by Brian C. Anderson.


John Robb
The Coming Urban Terror

Systems disruption, networked gangs, and bioweapons

Steven Malanga
The New Privatization

States and cities are selling their roads, bridges, and airports for eye-popping sums.
Podcast available CJ PODCAST: Steven Malanga discusses this story

Heather Mac Donald
The Abduction of Opera

Can the Met stand firm against the trashy productions of trendy nihilists?

David Gratzer
The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care

Socialized medicine has meant rationed care and lack of innovation. Small wonder Canadians are looking to the market.

Sol Stern
Grading Mayoral Control

Lauded in the press, Bloomberg’s education reforms are proving more spin than substance. Parents are losing patience.

Myron Magnet
In the Heart of Freedom, in Chains

Elite hypocrisy, gangsta culture, and failure in black America

Arthur C. Brooks
What Really Buys Happiness?

Not income equality, but mobility and opportunity

Judith Miller
On the Front Line in the War on Terrorism

Cops in New York and Los Angeles offer America two models for preventing another 9/11.
Podcast available CJ PODCAST: Judith Miller discusses this story

Theodore Dalrymple
Delusions of Honesty

Tony Blair’s domestic legacy: corruption and the erosion of liberty

War and Peace Studies

Victor Davis Hanson
Why Study War?

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict.

Bruce Bawer
The Peace Racket

An anti-Western movement touts dictators, advocates appeasement—and gains momentum.

Nicole Gelinas
An Inconvenient Solution

Carbon trading, the increasingly accepted answer to global warming, will cost far more than we’re being told.


In Prospect

Street Cleaning in Philly
Do Immigrants Still Nourish Cities?
Four Score and Seven Manatees Ago
Time Out Londonistan



Jerry Weinberger
Lansing Diarist

Giving Up the Hog

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