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Monday, July 22, 2019
Well, it's been a good while since we've checked in here.... believe me there are good reasons.  But in the time NYC has gone sideways in many ways... as short-sighted as we believe Bloomberg was in his hell-bent nanny-state at all costs world view (large sodas anyone?) our current Mayor sets the bar and highlights the caustic dead-on accuracy of the Bloomberg Syndrome, which notes that: "the next time your elected local or state official holds a press conference about global warming, the Middle East, or the national political climate, expect to experience poor county law enforcement, bad municipal services, or regional insolvency."

We've had power outages, the increased incoherence of  the City Council... (we still have a city council?) and the continued cruise control operation of many city agencies, with the MTA on autopilot, the blind continued push to turn all of Manhattan into a pedestrian and bicycle-clogged environ, and well...

For 15+ years we've noted that the NYC DOT needs to be cleaned out. It's leadership seems to have never encountered a road restriction it doesn't like or a intersection where it won't slap up a traffic light because... well because. In our neighborhood the number of added traffic lights in the last 15 years have mushroomed. Were we not able to drive safely beforehand?

Anyway, lest we get too far into the weeds it's good to be back...

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