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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
No shortage of bad and expensive ideas. Our country is in the best of hands. I can tell you this is they try to impose this where we live civil disobedience shall be the order of the day:
Feds to Convince DC Area Taxpayers to Embrace $4.8 Billion Mileage Tax
Washington, DC regional officials seek federal gas tax money to study political implication of $4.8 billion mileage tax on motorists.

Brookings report coverOfficials are looking to convince residents in the Washington, DC metropolitan region that converting every local streets into toll roads would be good for them. The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board last Wednesday voted to seek federal gas tax funds to bankroll a $400,000 study on how best to sell the public on a controversial per-mile tax proposal that would raise up to $4.8 billion in new revenue.

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