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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Gaza Ruminations

Human suffering should never please another human. That is the goal. Hamas, however, is anti-human, in that it's official position is the affirmative suffering and the continuation of suffering and death. As such, the only possible way to defeat them is to grant their wish and deliver such suffering and death that the pain of waking each day, the heavy anguish of ongoing suffering, the soul killing understanding of the ruination and rubble resulting from their death wish, finally, finally delivers the message that their ideology is defeated.

Without receipt of this message only pain and suffering lie ahead. And the faux "humanitarians" who wring their hands about a "humanitarian crisis" will have the blood of future combatants on their well-meaning but idiotic hands. Complete defeat of Hamas is the only option. If the population that voted for them continue support, then they, too, need to be defeated. Completely. Until their spirit is utterly broken, their lives ruined, and the hearts emptied of the will to fight.

As harsh as this is history and human nature have time and time again shown that, sadly, this is the only viable resolution. Anything else is a wistful pipedream born of liberal wishes and an ignorance of human folly.

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