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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Barack-eth Giveth, and Barack-eth Taketh

Well, leave it to the Democrats to nominate the most inexperienced, least qualified, most liberal and now, after revelations of all his questionable associates and judgments, the most bloodied candidate. We don't care that Obama is black. Truly. We'd vote for the best candidate we believed embodied the majority of our beliefs and goals and if that person happened to be black then he's black. But the Democrats have demonstrated in spades what their endless ethic, gender and racial slicing and grievance mongering leads to -- internecine knives fights for the spoils of victory. We'd never vote for Barak because we don't believe he would be good for America. Period. His ultra-liberal socialistic stance, his vacuous rhetoric, his barely concealed sense of entitlement, his antipathy towards limited government & textualist Constitutional interpretation and his expansive view of the role of government are all anathema to us.

Now McCain wasn't our first choice by any measure. We endorsed Fred Thompson here, based primarily on his view of governmental limitations, judicial and constitutional jurisprudence and the fact that he vocalized a tough affirmative stand on the war against Islamist ideology and we stand by that endorsement. McCain may be the luckiest candidate in history because right now we think he's going to clean Barack's clock Old School style. And if Hillary's supporters maintain their current righteous indignation Obama may lose in a historic landslide.

And, frankly, on a knee-jerk note, we just hate the name Barack. President Barack? President Obama? Not on our watch if we have anything to say about it.

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