Angry New Yorker

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
The NY Sun headline this morning reads "Albany is Next Stop for Congestion Pricing." We expect Albany to rubber stamp the Mayor's foolish idea and then, after 100 years of free East river crossings the captives in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island will be further penalized for deigning to enter Gotham proper. Other headlines we see in our quick scan read "$9 Million Tax Hikes for Banks" and "Cigarette Tax Hike: Gold Mine for Smugglers."

Good luck, New York. You're going to need it.

Update: Mirabile dictu. Congestion pricing failed to pass - a clear win for NYC. Bloomberg's quixotic quest that all wishing to enter the sanctum santorum of midtown pay tribute to the city and the MTA went out with a whimper. What next, Mayor?

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