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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Confederacy of Dunces

We've refrained from comment on the sordid Spitzer affair; silently rejoicing, however, that a man with a dangerous view of the law, statutory interpretation and enforcement has ended his career in both politics and law enforcement. Of course, as always, the people of NY are left holding the bag.

But, now, only a day following his elevation to the governor's mansion we are fed the tawdry tale of David Patterson and his wife's multiple affairs. Query: Can anyone in Albany government keep their pants on? Across the river the gay ex-governor's disclosures induce cringing nearly daily, while the state budget is due in two weeks and is virtually guaranteed to contain unnecessary, unsustainable and unexplainable spending far beyond the fiscal means of the state and its citizens.

Confederacy of dunces, indeed.

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