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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Excelsior! NYS has the highest gas taxes in the Nation

Pretty much the only thing New York State leads the country today in is figuring new ways to tax us. Yet Schmucky Schumer is out there calling for windfall tax on the oil producers. Utter mendacity fills every room he enters. To whit:

New York leads the nation with the highest state gasoline taxes while Alaska has the lowest, according to the American Petroleum Institute. On top of New York's state tax of 8 cents per gallon , it charges 8 percent state sales tax and a Petroleum Business Tax of 15.2 cents per gallon . There is also a spill tax of 0.3 cents per gallon and a petroleum testing fee of 0.05 cent per gallon levied on gasoline.

In short, roughly 62 cents for every gallon you buy are siphoned away by taxes. And, on top of all the NYS taxes listed above, there's a U.S. Federal Excise tax of 18.4 cents a gallon. But wait there's more. That 8% NYS sales tax is paid after the Federal Excise Tax is applied, so you pay a tax on the tax itself. Isn't that just peachy.

To see how absolutely crazy anyone who says we aren't taxed to death is, consider the following example. Say you make ten dollars. On that you pay FICA, Medicare, NYS, NYC and Federal income taxes, leaving you maybe $5.80 net. Then you take that nearly 6 bucks to the local NYC gas station to buy two gallons of gas to get to your job (yes, we know gas is nearly $3.00 a gallon), and on that two gallon purchase you've paid $1.63 in taxes (62.9 cents per gallon to NYS, plus 18.4 cents per gallon to the Feds times two). So on that original $10.00 that you worked hard to make, you were actually able to spend only a bit over $4.00. That's not only pathetic, it's nearly criminal in our book.

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