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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
The end of the line...

Well, Mayor Bloomberg, increasingly a disappointment to those who held out hope of NYC's out-of-control spending throttling back, though admittedly he's still better than the rabid democrat quasi-socialists who challenged him for mayor back in November, rolled out the 2006-07 budget the other day. (press release here; documents here, and video presentation here).

Bloomberg's budget is, surprise, up again over last year, to $52,200,000,000 -- that's $52.2 billion, or $6390.52 for every man, woman and child in New York City. I've studied the New York State and New York City fiscal situation long enough to be very afraid right now for the future. Unless the situation changes drastically in the next five to ten years this state is pretty much fiscally cooked. End of story. I don't get any pleasure in relating this conclusion. But the chronic financial chicanery, the ballooning tax-eaters, the unions' stranglehold on the fisc, the increasingly mobile state of capital, the flight from New York city by the middle class beyond Manhattan, and the total picture is not bright.

More to come...

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