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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
More Empiral Evidence that Bloomberg is Wrong About NYC's Population

... when he says that people continue to flow into NYC from other parts of the country. We were just putting together a guest list of family members for a little party we're organizing this summer, and noted that of the 35+ siblings, cousins and close friends we're inviting, who all lived in New York city as children, only three still live within the five boroughs. The rest have relocated to the 'burbs or moved out of New York state entirely. Now why would this be Mr. Bloomberg? And we recently learned two more will be moving to Crestwood in Westchester from Forest Hills shortly. The future did once happen here, to quote the title of an excellent book on cities. It no longer does, and won't as long as politicans like Bloomberg et al. spout their nonsense.

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