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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Full nuclear power ahead

Given the democrats' blatant spin, deceptive by design rhetoric and outright bald-faced lies lately, they frankly deserve to have the "nuclear" option rammed down their throats. This very second we're watching Senator Bill Nelson of Florida on C-SPAN, who if he isn't a liar, is an idiot, because he just said he likes every senator in the senate.

That's facially a crock, because I've yet to meet anyone who likes everyone in a group larger than 20 people. With statements like that he's simply not to be trusted. And his spin at this moment on C-SPAN is straight on the Reid-Pelosi-MoveOn.Org party line.

Hey, have it Senator Nelson. We don't like you, we don't like Reid, Pelosi, Krazy Ted Kennedy, Boom Boom Biden, Chuckee Schumer, and Hillary Clinton either, and we're not ashamed to not only admit it, but state it plainly.

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