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Friday, May 06, 2005
A friend writes in...
"More Pandering Pieces of Political Pulchritude From the NYC Council

Dear City Council,

I recently read Intro No. 628, Voting By Non-Citizen Residents. Intro 628 available here

Non-citizens should not be granted a right to vote period. End of story.

The arguments for: that they pay taxes, they have a stake, etc. are puffery. That historically non-citizens were, at times and places, granted the right to vote in certain local elections is neither support for, nor evidence that, non-citizens in 2005 should be allowed to vote in NYC elections where their tremendous numbers would no doubt sway issues and elections and dilute the votes of permanent U.S. citizens.

I and millions of others in this city as U.S. citizens are increasingly tired of the "immigrants rights" movement and their vocal supporters -- who view everything as a right, everything in opposition to their goals as "rascist," and brook no reasonable discussion.

Both my two parents and my wife's mother and father emigrated to the U.S. in the 50's and 60's LEGALLY, and became naturalized citizens shortly thereafter. All four went on to be extremely productive members of society without bilingual education and the raft of services and programs today's immigrants expect and demand (such as city services in 109 languages and ballots printed in 10 languages). I've asked all four of them for their view of Intro No. 628, and all four view non-citizen voting proposals as sheer madness.

I strongly concur, and will do everything possible to fight the passing of this pandering piece of political pulchritude."

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