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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
The Dems Keep On Taxing...

People ask us why we're so angry here. After all life in New York and New York City is "pretty good" compared to life in other countries and cities, right? That depends what your frame of reference is. That is are you comparing your new life here in NYC to the life you had in Columbia, or the life in New York City you have now compared to the life you had a kid growing up here or somewhere else in the U.S.?

If a neoconservative is a liberal that's been mugged, we're former democrats who were mugged by how the democrats and the left have acted since 1999, and most notably post 9-11. It was the 9-11 attack that provided a final tipping jolt to jog us into a top-to-bottom review of the democrats' positions and beliefs and what we learned repelled us, because in having minds apparently so "open their brains fell out", the left revealed itself as both morally bankrupt and a threat to the actual values they professed to hold -- a dangerous twosome. And today's standard bearers of the democrat party - Pelosi, Kennedy, Biden, Schumer, Rangel, Reid, the list goes on - are so often so over the top, and so distorting on average, that even when they're speaking a rare truthful tidbit it's impossible to take them seriously.

Which brings us to the recent NYC democrat mayoral debate, which was a real carnival of clowns, with Ferrer offering a shocking new stock transfer tax that would guarantee an exodus of the exchanges to New Jersey, and Weiner offering to slap higher taxes on everyone above the "middle class", which he has never and continues to refuse to define, but which basically in his lexicon means anyone earning more than $150,000. Everyone living in NY knows $150K is by no means "rich" for a family with a few kids and mortgage in a city where even a basic house can cost $450,000 while still needing eighty-thousand dollars of work to whip into shape.

So a little bit of advice to Weiner and his fellow tax-o-crats: keep on taxing if you want to drive us all out.

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