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Saturday, March 19, 2005
The Moonbat Contingent Speaks Up

Harsh title? Well, those folks who took to the streets this weekend to protest the second anniversary of the Iraq war are certainly entitled -- after all it's their First Amendment free speech right. Right? Up to a point, absolutely.
However, over the past few years we've been frankly amazed at how many people have utterly no idea -- other than a weak, diluted, populist "it's a free country" understanding of what the First Amendment speech clause protects, what it means, and what "rights" it provides against governmental action. More commonly you'll find people saying "I have a right to say such & such", or "XYZ is being punishing for speaking out", or crying "censorship!" when the underlying issue has no bearing on areas the first amendment covers.

As a result, we hope to do a very preliminary "first amendment" primer compilation here soon, in an effort to educate those New Yorkers who the public school system has failed.

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