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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Even The Left Starts Second-Guessing Its Own

We didn't comment on the ridiculous imolation ongoing within Harvard's faculty, because, well, others have dissected the Summers brou-haha with more depth, aplomb and perspicacity than we can muster on the topic, which basically boils down to a parody of those reality "when animals go bad and attack" tv shows, only here under the marketing slogan of "When Leftists Attack and Eat Their Own."

But when Dave Winer, noted technologist, former Harvard fellow, and ultra-democrat supporter, with whom members of the Angry New Yorker Brain Trust crossed swords during the last election season, suddenly realizes that, hey, white males aren't all evil and should be supported against the acid dripping destructiveness of uber-feminist commandos, well, it's indicative something is definitely rotten in the Leftist state of Denmark -- to mangle metaphors. He noted on his blog Friday that:
Yesterday I picked up a funny graphic from Jonathon Delacour's site, with a picture of Alfred E Neuman, next to a slogan "White, male and damn proud of it!" I like to laugh at myself, so why not laugh at my gender too. Almost anything with the What Me Worry kid is funny. Let's have a good laugh, then settle down, and do some positive PR for our gender and our race. Sure, lots of terrible people were white and male, but so were a lot of great people, heroes, martyrs. People who cured diseases, and stood up to tyrants. Artists, teachers, comedians, people who served as role models for boys and men, even some sons of feminist women (like me, for example). I know some women are offended by this, I've heard from them, but this isn't about you, it's about us. So I'm going to start running an occasional positive image of white maleness on Scripting News, for no other reason that to help white men, like myself, feel like we have permission to do good things and serve as role models for young men, and for ourselves.
Gee, what a concept; that "white men . . . have permission to do good things and serve as role models for young men. . . ." That it's come to this demonstrates more effectively how insanely off track the radical feminist train has traveled than anything else we can think of now.

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