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Monday, February 07, 2005
Maybe the Dutch Should Just Euthanize Themselves and Be Done With It

If there's any one country that personifies the tyranny of good intentions gone awry it's the Netherlands and the Dutch. This in from the Volohk Conspiracy, here:
Dutch Schools Ban the Dutch Flag

A Dutch newspaper article explains that many Dutch schools are forbidding the display of the Dutch flag. The Independence Institute's Dutch expert has produced an English translation of the article:

Ban on National Flag is Widespread.

More schools prove to have banned the national flag.

At the Groene Hart Lycee [an elite high school] in the city of Alphen-on-the-Rhine, the three colors that are the Dutch flag have been looked upon as evil for the past year. No symbols that identify specific groups are considered acceptable and any student may be permanently expelled for coming to school with flags on their clothing, shoes or briefcases. Earlier this week readers reacted with fury to another school in IJsselstein, this school forbids any display of flags because this would provoke students of other nationalities.

Read the entire thing here.

Sheez, if you can't even fly your own country's flag, how can you call yourself a country? The Dutch have one chance to pull out of their ongoing nosedive. I'd place the odds at 60:40 that they crash and burn.

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