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Friday, January 07, 2005
Thanks for nothing Vicente Fox! Time to mine the Mexican border?

Although the left, and President Bush for some inexplicable reason, portray Mexican President Vicente Fox as a good friend on our southern border, the curtain has finally been pulled back to reveal the truth: The Mexican government is not acting in our best interests and Presidente Fox is not acting in good faith towards America.

This straightforward conclusion can no longer be avoided by those who've willfully ignored Mexico's blatant ongoing push of its impoverished north across the border. How so? Because of a 32-page illustrated booklet, distributed by the Mexican government, entitled Guide for the Mexican Migrant, that is essentially a how-to manual for successfully crossing into the U.S. illegally with further tips for how, once here, to how to avoid detention. See Laurence Iliff, Mexico offers tips for crossing border in comic book, The Seattle Times, Jan. 7, 2005, available here; James C. McKinley, Jr., A Mexican Manual for Illegal Migrants Upsets Some in U.S., N.Y. Times, Jan. 6, 2005 (observing "1.5 million copies of the guide were printed and distributed throughout the country in December"), available here.

Those on the left, and President Bush, portray these illegal aliens as smiling, happy-go-lucky, honest, hard-working people just struggling to get ahead, feed their families, and reach the American Dream. No doubt many are. But a shocking number of those crossing the border illegally quickly resort to crime here. See, e.g., Heather McDonald, The Immigrant Gang Plague, City Journal (Summer 2004) (observing Hispanic gang violence is spreading across the country), available at; see also Dept. of Homeland Security, Office of Immigration Statistics, 2003 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, at 3, Sept. 1, 2004 (stating in 2003 "[m]ore than 79,000 criminal aliens were removed; [with] Mexico lead[ing] all countries of nationality with more than 62,500(79 percent) [of the criminal aliens]."), available at See generally Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele, Who Left the Door Open?, Time Magazine, Sept. 20, 2003 (detailing myths held by left regarding illegal immigration), available here; Heather MacDonald, Get Serious About Immigration Enforcement, The Dallas Morning News, Dec. 30, 2004 (noting "lackluster" approach to stemming illegal immigration), available here.

And as New York City is one of the prime destinations for illegals coming into the U.S., it's past time that the do-gooder members of the Senate and House stopped pulling punches with Mexico. So, what about it Senator Schumer? Senator Clinton? What are your "master plans"?

Take your pick, then, democrats: either we have a realistic, honest assessment, and then a curtailment on illegal immigration, or it's time to considering planting a million of these on the borders -- north and south. See, e.g., Jill Stewart, Mexico, U.S. ignore illegal immigration, L.A. Daily, Dec. 25, 2004 (stating Mexico ignores illegal immigration problem), available here.

UPDATE: A downloadable PDF scan of the booklet is now available, here, and a color Spanish version is online at But can someone tell me what the heck the picture at left, below, in the booklet is conveying? That's some busty Consulare employee there on page 10. And what is she wearing? It looks like a purple spandex full bodysuit? "Casual Friday" must mean something completely different south of the border.

For those who still speak only the King's English, An english translation is available at where you can learn that the booklet offers pearls of wisdom to those planning an illegal break-in to the U.S., such as "[i]f the police enters your house or apartment, do not resist, but ask to see a search warrant. It's better to cooperate and ask to speak to the nearest Mexican Consulate."

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