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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
The Diplomad Weighs in Again

One of our now favorite blogs these days is The Diplomad, created by some mostly Republican State Department field personnel around the world, primarily in the east. I was going to comment on this fatuous N.Y. Times article, For Honduras and Iran, World's Aid Evaporated, myself, but the good folk at The Diplomad already did it perfectly:

The Evil of Good? Thinking About Unintended Consequences

The Chief Diplomad is sitting in an airport. Tired. Glad to be returning to my usual corner of the Far Abroad. I ran across this NY Times article titled "For Honduras and Iran, World's Aid Evaporated" by Ginger Thompson and Nazila Fathi. In many ways it's a usual NYT product: lots of cutesy, lazy, historically inaccurate statements casually tossed out such as,

Central America, as a battlefield of the cold war, has long been accustomed to foreign occupation. But the people of Honduras had never seen anything like the military operations that arrived to bring aid after Hurricane Mitch.

What does that mean, "accustomed to foreign occupation?" When during the Cold War was Central America occupied? But my friends, for a moment disregard the liberal weirdness and read the whole thing. Here are bits and pieces,
Read the whole thing here.

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