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Monday, January 17, 2005
Blatant Discrimination or Merely Self-Selection?

One of our staff here recently applied to the top 100 of NYC's law firms. During this grueling process he noticed that of these 100 firms, the human resources & recruiting contact was a woman in 99 out of the 100 firms. Every single one of these firms makes a major point of promoting their "diversity" and hiring of woman (despite that woman make up more than 50% of all law students) and attendance at BLSA (Black Law Students of America) career meetings..

Query: Is this fact that law firm HR depts. are overwhelmingly populated by women indicative of discrimination in HR departments against men, or merely self-selection by woman to pursue HR positions?

The only reason we even mention this is that some people WOULD actually consider this discrimination. After all, since 49% of human resources positions aren't held by men, ergo there is a disparate impact and therefore discrimination at work here. Right? Poppy-cock!

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