Angry New Yorker

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
The NYC Council's Way is to "Beat Them Into Submission" reports that:

"Landlords Face Higher Fines For Heat Violations

Landlords who don't turn up the heat may have to pay up. The City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings voted unanimously Tuesday to increase penalties for landlords who do not provide tenants with adequate heat and hot water during winter months. Violators could wind up paying $500 a day. The current penalty is $250. "

So with heating oil up 40% from last winter (see NYSERDA Home Heating Prices), what's the City Council's answer? Adding to smaller landlords problems. That makes little sense, but it's typical of Gifford Miller's media hounding, and the City Council's know-nothing, everyone-can-pay-anything approach to governing. Money? Don't talk to us about money. It grows on trees here, right?

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