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Thursday, December 16, 2004
A Must Read...

Deroy Murdock in today's National Review Online, hits the nail on the head perfectly in his essay "President Pataki -- Cannot Be" here. Some highlights:

Hudson Institute president Herbert London notes that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's $105.3 billion fiscal year 2005 budget spends $2,967 per capita on 35.5 million citizens. New York's $101.3 billion fiscal plan, in contrast, spends $5,276 per capita on 19.2 million people. Even worse, New York's 20th consecutive delayed budget was due April 1 but was adopted August 11. While state legislators are mainly to blame, the largely unassertive, often invisible Pataki neither can inspire nor dragoon lawmakers into adult behavior.

"It's difficult to imagine that Pataki has a future as a national leader after he's brought New York to its knees," London says. "Not everyone in America knows George Pataki, but those who know Pataki don't want him to do for America what he's done for New York."

And more
New Yorkers pay $141 in combined state and local taxes per $1,000 in income. America's highest tax burden is 26 percent above the national average. Local taxes alone are 71 percent above average. These Citizens Budget Commission figures are for fiscal year 2000 and do not reflect subsequent state and local tax hikes that have uglified this picture.
Get the picture?

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