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Monday, December 13, 2004

And the MTA wonders why no one believes its books... submitted for your disapproval, this following tale of triteness from today's New York Times:
December 11, 2004

Facing Deficit, M.T.A. Gave a 22% Raise to Its Director


The chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is seeking a fare increase and new state taxes to stanch a growing budget deficit, approved a 22 percent pay raise for the authority's executive director last year; the raise took effect last January.

The action by the chairman, Peter S. Kalikow, raised the annual salary of the authority's highest-paid officer, Katherine N. Lapp, to $235,000 from $192,500.

* * *

The salary of Ms. Lapp, a lawyer who was appointed in 2002, is in line with that of heads at other major urban transit systems.

The top official of the metropolitan transit agency in Boston is paid $225,000; in Chicago, $197,750; in Los Angeles, $302,375; in the San Francisco Bay area, $269,717; and in Washington, $259,088, officials with the five transit agencies said this week.

Direct comparisons with other urban transit systems are difficult, however, because of the New York system's size and because it is an amalgamation of two commuter railroads, a bus system on Long Island and New York City Transit, the largest component. Each of the four transit agencies has its own history, organizational culture and administrative staff and operates with relative autonomy.

* * *

In April 2002, the president of New York City Transit, Lawrence G. Reuter, negotiated a new contract with the authority. His salary rose by 23 percent, to $225,000 from $182,500.

A year later, in April 2003, the president of Metro-North Railroad, Peter Cannito, renegotiated his contract and received a 25 percent pay increase, to $215,000 from $172,500.

In October 2003, the senior vice president for operations at the Long Island Rail Road, James J. Dermody, was named its president. He is paid $215,000, the same as Mr. Cannito. He previously made $172,010.

Two other agency heads also received substantial salary increases last year.

Michael C. Ascher, the president of M.T.A. Bridges and Tunnels - also known as the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority - received a new contract, raising his salary to $182,500 from $157,500.

Read the entire article here.

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