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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
The New York City Madness continues...
The issue isn't that we don't spend enough money on our school here in New York City. We spend more per capita than any place else in the country, except Washington, D.C.. But we waste more than anyone else, too, thanks to the Teacher's Union headlook and redtape that would plug Mount

City Council To Probe School Supply Shortage


The City Council wants to know why teachers in the city’s public schools are paying for supplies out of their own pockets, including toiletries.

The Council’s Education Committee is holding a hearing Tuesday to look into supply shortages in school bathrooms, such as paper towels toilet paper and soap. Some parents say the have also bought the supplies themselves.

The Department of Education says parents are never required to buy supplies, adding that it is well stocked with toiletries.

Teachers can get reimbursed up to $200 a year for the things they buy for the classroom, but many say they spend far more than that. A previous Council survey found the average teacher spent $400 of his or her own money on supplies last year.

“There's no news in that story,” Schools Chancellor Joel Klein said Monday. “You know, when I was a teacher in 1969, I spent my own money. I remember it. I was teaching set theory to sixth grade mathematics students and I bought at a five and dime with my own money.”

However, Klein did say he is committed to fighting for more resources for schools.

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