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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
More MTA Madness

The thing speaks for itself... and the MTA wants to hike our fares. I don't think so.

MTA spends $1M on staff cars

Newsday Staff Writer

Nearly 70 Bridges and Tunnels employees at the financially troubled MTA are given $1 million worth of cars to commute to and from work, according to records obtained by Newsday.

The subsidiary's fleet is the largest among the more than 130 vehicles that Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees may use for commuting. By contrast, only three of the top officials at the MTA's headquarters are assigned cars. At NYC Transit -- which employs more than 25 times the number of people than at Bridges and Tunnels -- only 46 people are assigned cars.

The Bridges and Tunnels figure exceeds even the number of vehicles in the agency's 61-vehicle law enforcement fleet.
Read the entire article here.

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