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Thursday, November 04, 2004
A friend on the left comments...
"Driving through Bush Country, looking Jewish with Massachusetts plates on my Lexus, I felt really self-conscious. 51 percent of the electorate looked the other way and re-elected a President who started a war with a far-away country that was no threat to the US. Why do people like me feel so scared of what this country has become? Simple. How do we know they won't go to war with us? "
Now I should note that the author of these words, a former friend, who unilaterally decided that I, having revealed myself to be a republican, was no longer worthy of continued friendship or even continued communications, is very well known in the tech community. But to answer his rhetorical questions (and we on the right are the "simple-minded" ones, eh?) the reason you feel scared, sir, is almost the same reason we on the right felt scared until the election results were in: you don't trust us; we don't trust your world-view. But there's a subtle though profound difference between the two, which is revealed by the very question "how do we know they won't go to war with us?" Ahem, Republicans (or as the left calls us "Repubs" or "Rethugs") haven't been vandalizing Kerry supporters' property, stealing Kerry signs, shooting up local democrat party headquarters, or spewing 24x7 venom (for a sample I point you to the Daily Kos comment areas, here , for a taste of the post-election post mortum underway on the left, or the idiotic Jane Smiley's mindbending diabtribe, in Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue. The unteachable ignorance of the red states, which states "Cheney is the capitalist arm and Bush is the religious arm. They know no boundaries or rules. They are predatory and resentful, amoral, avaricious, and arrogant.").

My former friend then continues to ratchet up the gall quotient by saying:
Speaking as a person who has lived in blue states all my life (a variety of them) I was pretty shocked that Bush was re-elected. I think you guys [who voted for Bush] sold out too cheap, but now we're going to find out what it feels like to have a government that doesn't reflect our values, and I understand this is something you've been living with for a long time. But the problem is, I still don't think you've got it. We're all going to find out that there are much more important values that Bush and his team don't share, generosity to the poor, respect for human life (Iraqis are people too), a love of the freedoms passed down from our forefathers, and on and on. (emphasis added).
What utter unadulterated bullshit. What a sparkling exemplar of why the democrats lost, and why they will continue to lose nationally should they hold onto to such a false reading of reality. Read between the lines. He's saying, "only the left cares about the poor", "only the left respects human life", "only the left loves the freedoms passed down from our forefathers." I could Fisk further, but seriously, why bother?

On the plus side, the French, Germans and those skuttling diplomats in the U.N. are now on notice that the American people are on to them. That means, you, too, Kofi.

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