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Saturday, October 09, 2004
The Big Debate -- Bush Wins

Granted I'm biased, but it's amazing that the mainstream press is portraying this as a Kerry debate win. Maybe in their narrow world that's the consensus, but in the broader country, for those who actually watched, I believe Bush was the ass-kicking winner. First, he connected with the audience more effectively and gave his answers from the heart while not letting Kerry weasel away from anything.

Gone were the exasperated facial expressions, and in their place was an energy to hit Kerry head on. Bush also did very well at describing the task and responsibility of being president and why he was the better man for the job. Kerry tended to drone into pretzel-twisted details, which Bush played off when he said "I'm trying to decipher that." Nice.

Kerry's Tactic - Insult Americans - Aside from the numerous jawdroppers Kerry laid, perhaps his most unconsciously revealing comment, displaying his view of the average people in America, was when he insulted the entire audience by saying:

"Now, for the people earning more than $200,000 a year, you're going to see a rollback to the level we were at with Bill Clinton, when people made a lot of money.

And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the president, me, and, Charlie, I'm sorry, you too..."

How the f*!& does he know that every person in the audience makes less than $200K? I would have loved it if Bush said in comeback "The difference between me and Senator Kerry is his doesn't think any of you can make more than $200K a year. I'd like to give you all the opportunity to make as much as you can by keeping taxes low." Baaa-da-BOOOM!

Kerry's Record - Kerry tried to run from his record like a cat with his tail on fire -- and was just an unsuccessful in getting away from it. Kerry associated both himself and his pretty-boy running mate lawyer with one of the most despised groups in America, laywers, by stating "I'm a lawyer, too." Not a big selling point with Joe America.

Kerry's Confusion - Kerry's internal polls must show he's trending down; why else would he have name dropped so many Republican to support his position? Latching on to the opponent's team isn't a sign a strength in one's own philosophy and position.
Also, Kerry's asking us to make him the commander in chief on the war on terror. Yet he didn't even know when the first World Trade Center bombing occurred. He said "1993 or so". This is the guy we want in charge? I don't think so.

Bush's Comfort Level - Further, Kerry look tired, while his "I have a plan" mantra began sounding strained. In comparison the President in the first half looked positively supercharged. His answers were clear and to the point: "No draft period." "Tell Tony Blair we're alone." "A strong president doesn't make decisions because they'll be popular."

And the President often winked at people in the audience while Kerry was speaking. I found that amazing, thinking "here's a man who's in perhaps the most important debate of his life, and he's confident enough in himself, and able to not only track what his opponent is saying, but to make enough eye contact with people in the audience to send them a wink." Kerry couldn't do that in a million years, and yet he's the "intellectual." Please.

Hands down a Bush win -- don't let anyone tell you differently.

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