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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Another Strong Bush Debate

I began watching the debate with a bit of trepidation last night. After a rough weekend and start to the week, I was looking for some good news and didn't think the debate would be the form it arrived it.

But Bush racked the table. With a few exceptions his answers pounded Kerry back to Cambodia, and Kerry's constantly flaying hand motions hinted of Mumenshanz gone bad. My wife commented Kerry looked like he was a sign-language interpreter. In addition, Kerry never looked more cadaver-like. In split screens of Bush and Kerry Bush looked healthy and ruddy, and Kerry looked sallow, jaundiced and ready for an autopsy. Very scary. And Kerry's dispicable reference to Mary Cheney has rightly brought much blow-back upon him.

But as to substance over style, Bush finally nailed Kerry on terrorism as nuisance, his sitting on the far left bank, the global test and voting against the first Iraq war coalition, government as the answer to every problem, Kerry's record, spending, religion, abortion. While I'm always disappointed with politicans' response to illegal immigration, and last night was no different, at least Bush "as a border state Governor" brought a real-world perspective that Kerry's lack coming from Mass, far from any border.

I'll be glad when this election is over and Bush is hopefully back in the Whitehouse.

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