Angry New Yorker

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Gen. Tommy Franks today blasted Sen. Kerry's remarks about Iraq and the ongoing conflict there. Kerry, who said the President Bush displayed "arrogance and outright incompetence" in handling Iraq. Gen. Franks retorted that:

"Senator Kerry's contradictions on Iraq are the wrong signal to send to our troops on the ground, to our coalition partners, to the Iraqi people and to the terrorists seeking our destruction. On the eve of Prime Minister Allawi's visit to the United States, Senator Kerry today said that America and the world are 'less secure' now that Saddam Hussein is out of power.

"The American people disagree and last December, so did Senator Kerry. At the time he said that those who believe the world was safer with Saddam Hussein in power 'don't have the judgment to be president.' I agree."

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