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Thursday, September 30, 2004
The Face of Evil

How else to explain the following, except to recognize that this is the hand of pure evil, not "freedom fighting", not "militants", not a legitimate "insurgency", but evil incarnate pure and simple? Your retort, Senator Kerry? We await your answer o' great one on how the international commmunity could solve this....

"In the attack at the government-sponsored celebration, the bombers drove their cars into a crowd of children that had gathered for the ceremony, meant to mark the completion of a $400,000 [sewage plant] project sponsored by the Army's First Cavalry Division. Ordinarily, Iraqi children would be attending school, but the chaos in the capital caused by the ongoing war has delayed the opening this year.

'These people want to kill innocent children,' said Ahmed Hussein, a 14-year-old wounded by the blasts. The boy spoke from his bed at Yarmouk Hospital, his arms and legs bandaged, while is his mother, seated next to him, shuddered and sobbed. 'Many people were killed and many were injured and they are all here now at the hospital and I am one of them,' the boy said."

Dexter Filkins, Pair of Car Bombs in Iraq Kill Dozens, Including Many Children, N.Y. Times, Sept. 30, 2004.

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