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Thursday, May 06, 2004
I Want An Apology

From Tom Friedman for a constant stream of self-importance.
From King Abdullah of Jordan for his endless double-talk.
From Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria for their support of cultural pathology in the middle east.
From Maureen Dowd for what poses for wit in her world.
From CNN reporters for collaborating with Saddam's regime.
From Nancy Polosi and other democrats for losing sight of the important issues of the day.
From New York State's legislature for abdicating its duty and bringing NYS to the brink of fiscal ruin.
From the people of Fallujah for the barbarians in their midst.
From radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr for bringing misery to his own people.
From Saddam for the deaths caused over his years of terror.

I want an apology!

Ok, seriously, the Oprah culture, of people going before cameras and apologizing, has spun out of control. What's with the constant "we demand an apology" chorus? Did Lincoln apologize to the South for bringing destruction to Savannah? Did Truman apologize to Germany for firebombing Dresden? I don't think so. In the course of history things happen; sometimes bad things.
But, the modern apology fetish, which I postulate began with the rise of the hunt for "closure" is not only bizarre, but ultimately counter-productive. I don't want your apology. And I won't offer one in return.

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