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Thursday, May 27, 2004
Does Al Gore Have a Brain Tumor?

Some near to Al Gore should hold an intervention and get him to a MRI immediately; because I suspect something's seriously wrong up in his gray matter. The man, who came a hair's breath from becoming President, has gone completely loco. Having seen his performance at the event, I thank God Bush won the election, now more than ever. I haven't found a case in history of an ex-V.P. spewing such vitriolic bitterness. And where is Tipper these days? You'd think she'd be trying to keep him from the public eye, at least until the lab results come back.

Yet, Bob Herbert of The New York Times, arguably the most forehead-slap inducing of all NY Times' editorialists, who specializes in sneering condescension of President Bush, said, "[t]he speech was extraordinary; blunt, colorful and delivered with the kind of passion you seldom see in politics anymore." [here] There's good reason why such speeches aren't much in vogue anymore; they make the giver look unhinged. Yet, according to Herbert, it's Bush that's in the dark. Herbert ended his screed puffing:
"[i]t may be that the president never understood what made the U.S. great. In that case, he'd be among those who could benefit most from a reading of Mr. Gore's speech. If he followed that up with a look at the Bill of Rights (it would only take a few minutes), he'd have a better understanding of what this country, at its best, is about."
What a clown.

While on the topic of egregious democrat behavior, I'd be remiss without mentioning John Kerry accusing President Bush of using the war on terror as a photo opportunity. Amazing. Of course, woe to the President if the DOJ didn't provide this warning and something happened. Then, of course, the democrats would be screeching "why did you hold onto to information we needed!?" And to think I was once a democrat, it's truly embarrassing.

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