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Saturday, April 10, 2004
Want to vote? Become a citizen says Mayor Bloomberg.

[ed. note - While at various times and in various states non-citizens have been granted to the right to vote, we agree completely with Mayor Bloomberg's view on this issue. Councilman John Liu, who we hope to unseat, and Councilman William Perkins., are simply wrong on this matter. While we understand their motivation, that doesn't change anything. NYC has an estimated HUGE number of 1 million non-citizens out of a population of nearly nine million, with 3.5 million registered voters. To grant the right of suffrage to legal non-citizens here would completely skew the political landscape, with no guarantee that these non-citizens have the best long-term interests of New York in mind. Again, we strongly support Mayor Bloomberg's position on this issue. You can listen to his statements during the John Gambling weekly interview here -]

Bloomberg Speaks Out Against Giving Non-Citizens Right To Vote - APRIL 10TH, 2004

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he disagrees with proposed legislation that would give non-citizens the right to vote. The legislation being proposed by city council members John Liu and Bill Perkins would apply only to legal immigrants.

New York has an estimated 1 million non-citizens, and about 3.5 million registered voters. Similar legislation was introduced in the early nineties, but it was repeatedly turned down by the state legislature. Since then lawyers have ruled that the city could change the law without state approval, but Bloomberg says voting rights should be reserved for citizens.

“I’m sympathetic to people who would like to vote,” said Bloomberg. “My answer is become a citizen. It is the essence of what America is all about.”

To become citizens, immigrants have to lived in the United States legally for five years, pass a test on the constitution and U.S. history, and recite the pledge of allegiance.

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