Angry New Yorker

Thursday, February 26, 2004
What are they smoking at the New York Times?

Today the NY Times endorse Senator John Kerry, commenting, in part:

"Mr. Kerry, one of the Senate's experts in foreign affairs, exudes maturity and depth. He can discuss virtually any issue of security or international affairs with authority. What his critics see as an inability to take strong, clear positions seems to us to reflect his appreciation that life is not simple. He understands the nuances and shades of gray in both foreign and domestic policy."

Huh? Someone who sees everything as gray will have a difficult time come twilight. This isn't an endorsement as much as a capitulation in the French mode -- "ah, but we are so, so sophisticated. We see the spaces between leaves on the trees." Please. When various things are in fact black or white, to have someone who can only see gray is NOT an advantage. But then the New York Times isn't called "the gray lady" anymore, merely because she was once all black and white. It's sad really.

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