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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
City Could Pull In $700M By Tolling East River, Harlem Bridges
OCTOBER 07TH, 2003, from
[ed. note - 7 dollars!!! If the city slaps tolls on the East river crossing, an idea which has come up since at least the early 70s, it will be a huge drain and yet another slap in the face to the "outer" boros.]

Another study has found the city could rake in hundreds of millions of dollars by putting tolls on the East River and Harlem River bridges.

By charging $7 tolls on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queensborough and Williamsburg bridges and $3 on the city's nine Harlem River bridges, the city could take in $693 million a year, the Independent Budget Office predicts.

However, the study finds that most of the burden would fall on city residents, because 55 percent of the trips over those bridges are taken by people who live in the five boroughs.

If city residents are exempted from the tolls, as some have suggested, annual revenue would be about $300 million.

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