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Thursday, August 07, 2003
At least the rats are doing well here in NYC.
From the New York Times

A Detested Emblem of Decay Is Scurrying Back. Ah, Rats!By COREY KILGANNON

Even for New York City, it was a bizarre specter: a firehouse closed because it had been taken over by rats.

They had invaded the firefighters' kitchen and lounge and the chief's office, and seemed only to grow in number and boldness, despite copious use of rat poison. On Tuesday, the city temporarily relocated the firefighters and ordered that the house be gutted and rebuilt.

But many residents, exterminators and politicians believe that the infested firehouse in Jamaica, Queens, is only part of a much larger citywide rat problem.

The number of rat complaints received by the city has sharply increased lately. And city officials and exterminators say a combination of circumstances — from an underfinanced government abatement program to reduced recycling pickups to heavy rainfall — seem to have created a boom time for rats in the city. [more]

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