Angry New Yorker

Tuesday, May 06, 2003
What next? Ok... where is this going to end? I know how it's going to end, badly. Just tell me where and when.

First... Board Authorizes Jumps in Rent Up to 8.5 Percent.
"Setting the stage for what would be the largest rent increases since 1989, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board gave landlords preliminary approval last night to raise rents up to 8.5 percent for the one million apartments affected by rent stabilization." [more]

City Water Board Approves 5.5 Percent Rate Increase. "On top of property tax hikes, a higher sales tax and income tax surcharges, New York City residents will soon be paying more for water. The Water Board on Monday voted to raise the rate by 5.5 percent. That's lower than the originally proposed 6.5 percent." [more]

Is the price of anything in this city staying the same? It's starting to get very ugly.

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