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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

May 20, 2003 -- The cost of fringe benefits for city employees has skyrocketed 90 percent over the last four years, a new study released yesterday showed. While city workers make $58,660 a year on average, the runaway benefits have pushed up the city's per-employee expense to an astonishing $82,722, according to the report by the Citizens Budget Commission.

The CBC said the average city worker received $12,664 in fringe benefits in 2000 and will collect $24,062 worth of benefits in fiscal year 2004.

As the city faces a severed budget crisis, the CBC found the city's benefit costs soaring much faster than those of the private sector and state and other local governments. * * * *
Salaries for city workers jumped 14.6 percent over the last four years. Pension costs leave all others expenses in the dust, zooming 386 percent during the period.
* * * *

Firefighters and cops reap the biggest fringe-benefit rewards. The average benefit for firefighters and fire officers is $50,776 on salaries that average $74,393. Cops are collecting fringes worth $41,360, on top of salaries averaging $76,665.

Civilian workers who earn an average $46,092 have to make do with $13,673 in benefits. And they're the ones receiving most of the 4,500 pink slips." [more]

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