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Friday, April 18, 2003
Time to Ask, Who Needs Albany?

"Time to Ask, Who Needs Albany? SIXTEEN months into his mayoralty and 37 years after he first came to New York to make his fortune, Michael R. Bloomberg has discovered that the city's fate rests largely with a distant, often-uncaring Albany. That made him angry, Mr. Bloomberg said this week as he announced a worst-case budget for the next fiscal year that is already producing shock and ugh.

'"Angry we're not totally in control of our own destiny, unfortunately," he said. "We are very dependent on Albany and a little bit dependent on Washington. And that's not good.'

There is an almost irresistible temptation to reply: Duh! You just found this out? It has always been so. New York City can barely wipe its own nose without first getting Albany's permission." [more]

Which encapsulates why I've always thought that New York should be split into two states -- New York City, Long Island and Westchester and everything else.

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