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Monday, April 07, 2003
Older entries - July 23, 2002
So, who wanted to retire anyway, Mr. Ebbers?
Watching the stock market these days is like passing a car wreck -- it's difficult to turn away from the carnage. It's also been utterly depressing. WorldCom, Enron, corporate crooks and malfeasance. Greed in the face of massive temptation.

It's difficult to even open my monthly mutual fund statement. I look at what's left, very little, and realize I'd have had more fun spending my coin on a new car, throwing parties, or stuffing the cash in my mattress. Virtually anything else would have provided a better return.

Everyone knew the frenzy would end. Everyone knew it would end badly. Few envisioned it would end like this.

The road ahead's going to be rocky. Goodbye retirement. Hello dropping at your desk.

Posted by Rich Santalesa on 7/23/02; 12:28:56 PM

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