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Thursday, April 24, 2003
Just came back from the Finnish Tourism Board, at 655 Third Avenue, which is apparently actually the Scandanavian Tourism Inc. office -- they handle Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

But get this... I go the desk at 655 3rd Ave. and here's the conversation that resulted:

I want to go to the Finnish Tourism office.
Am I expected?
No. (not unless Miss Cleo is working there).
The office isn't open to the public.
(I pick my jaw off the floor.) What kind of tourism board isn't open to the general public?
It's security.
Can I call them?
Hmmm let's check for a number. (They finally give me a number.)
(I call.) Can I come up I'd like to get some travel information.
No because of the building's security policy, but some one can bring a package of info down for me; what country am I interest in?
(Five minutes later someone comes down with a big envelope.)
Is it me, or is this whole "security" crap out of hand?

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