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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Cabbie, my Cabbie!
Ok, what's the tipping point for you? When does the final straw get piled on that presses you to conclude, "That's it, I can't stands no more." I don't know, yet. But granting cabdrivers a 44% fair increase is right in the ballpark.

From The Daily News:
"Time to drive up the fare, cabbies say
by Pete Donohue, Daily News Staff Writer
A taxi drivers' group wants a huge 44% fare increase, saying hacks can't hack it on the money they make.
The New York Taxi Workers Alliance called for the hike yesterday, less than a week before subway and bus fares are to rise. The last taxi fare increase came in 1996 - just months after the last bus and subway fare boost.
" [more]

44%!! I wish I could "petition" someone for a 44% raise.

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