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Monday, April 25, 2005
Some Good News For A Change

We tend to highlight the many, many things wrong in New York State politics, culture and financial matters, but when good news comes along we're the first to happily trumpet it. So, when we heard that New York City's murder rate is approaching a 40-year low, that's certainly good news in the midst of a culture that's still defining defiancy down.

From today's, here:

City's Murder Rate On Track For New 40-Year Low
April 25, 2005

A dramatic drop in the number of homicides in some of the most dangerous precincts is putting the city on track for the fewest homicides in decades.

With almost a third of the year already past, the number of homicides in the city is on pace to be about 450 for the year – the lowest number in at least 40 years. That’s a drop of 12 percent from last year.

Helping the trend, some notoriously dangerous precincts, like East New York's 75th and East Flatbush's 67th, have seen far fewer homicides so far this year. Police credit programs like Operation Impact, which floods high-crime areas with rookie officers.

However, one borough is bucking the trend, according to Newsday. So far this year, the Bronx has seen a 50 percent increase in homicides over the same period last year. The Bronx district attorney's office attributes the rise, in part, to an increase in gang-related killings.

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