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Monday, April 18, 2005
Another Carpetbagger As Our Salvation?

What is it with recent arrivals to New York? They're here for a few years, or in some cases, not even, and suddenly they have the answers to save New York. First there was Robert Kennedy back when, then Hillary, Bloomberg, and now the oily former democrat Senator from Nebraska, Bob Kerrey, is making noise about running for mayor. Hey, Bob? Can we call you Bob? What about your home state of Nebraska? Tired of having been the governor and senator from the great plains?

We have to admire the cajones on Kerrey for thinking we'd vote for him. But it once again highlights the upper westside liberal echo chamber as the cacophony booms forth from their small liberal fishbowl. Good luck, Mr. Kerrey. May you have as much success in your mayoral bid as that other detestable senator with the homophone last name had recently in his quest for higher office.

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