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Monday, December 06, 2004
Hey 9/11 Families, Please Do Everyone a Favor. Stay Silent

Since when do we give the victims of tragedies a veto over national policy? Did the victims' families in Pearl Harbor get to decide policy in prosecuting WWII? Were they gathered on the Mall in Washington to demand Congress act to safeguard the Pacific? I ask because a handful of the 9/11 families gathered at the site of the former World Trade Center for the cameras over the weekend to pressure Congress into passing the current intelligence legislation (see 9/11 Families Push Congress To Overhaul Intelligence, available at here). Even the ever detestable City Council Speaker Gifford Miller launched his usual mindless pandering, stating "[w]e want the speaker of the House to start listening to his conscience and stop listening to those few colleagues who don’t want to give up a certain amount of turf and are frustrating these necessary reforms." Hey, Miller! Listen to this: shut up, and focus on NYC.

I wager neither the families, nor Miller, has actually read the proposed legislation, and don't have a clue as to what the disputes are actually about at bottom. Why can I say this confident in its accuracy? Because it's nearly impossible to find the text of the proposed bills at either the House or Senate websites. Go try it. The nearest I've come is this:

Intelligence, reform of U.S. operations S.190, S.2774, S.2811, S.2840, S.2845* H.R.10*, H.R.4104, H.R.4584, H.R.5024, H.R.5040, H.R.5050, H.R.5223

UPDATE: Apparently agreement has been reached on the legislation. More details to come.

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