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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
The Bank of New York Doesn't Know Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution

Although the Bank of New York was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784 (see history here) its recent radio advertisements probably had Hamilton spinning in his grave.

BONY's recent radio ad, discussing its new free checking, depicted a fictional conversation between Hamilton and Jefferson, with Hamilton urging Jefferson to make free checking the 11th amendment. Jefferson protested he was writing it by hand, and that ten was a nice round number. The announcer ends saying, roughly, that Jefferson's hand cramped before he could ad it.

Flash forward to the past week. Apparently someone at BONY still has a clue and realized with much chagrin that Jefferson had nothing to do with writing the constitution or bill of rights -- he wasn't even there in Philadelphia, though he did correspond via letter with many delegates.
The new ad substitutes James Madison, who did have a huge role in the constitution, for the previous Jefferson character, though the script itself remains the same. Score one for the proper history.

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