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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Green is Gray


"Green Decides Not To Run For Mayor Again
MARCH 04TH, 2004

The field of potential candidates for mayor next year has narrowed.

Former Public Advocate Mark Green, who lost to Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the last election, says we will not run again in 2005. Instead, the Democrat says he is considering running for state attorney general in 2006, if Eliot Spitzer runs for governor, as expected. "

Our commentary... Green realized that he's about as viable a NYC mayoral candidate as the ex-President of Haiti -- in short, zero chance. Of course Spitzer is a dangerous black horse in the governor's race, but I think he displayed his true aim in waffling on the gay marriage issue. Look, you can wail and protest, and stamp your feet for equal treatment, but a gay "marriage" just isn't a marriage by historical, cultural and present standards. Sorry, but that's the fact. And all the "civil disobedience", which is really simple law-breaking here, in the world isn't going to change that fact, or turn this into a "civil rights" issue. It isn't, and not everything is a civilr rights issue. The sky isn't going to suddenly turn green because these groups keep chanting "the sky is green, the sky is green." Newsflash: it's blue.

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