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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Bloomberg to Refund Property Tax
Few New Yorkers usually shed tears for NYC's civil servants, given that they certainly create enough tears of frustration in others. But even we feel some sympathy for the NYC Finance Dept. folks responsible for NYC's property tax collection. After a series of yo-yo tax increases, which resulted in mailing after mailing of new tax payment coupons, Mayor Bloomberg now proposes a refund of the much hated 18.5% property tax hike everyone in city government expended so much time and political capital rangling over. It's deja vu all over again. And, as an aside, the 18.5% was actually significantly higher in practice, due to a "stealth property tax increase" that occurred when the Finance department slapped assessment increases first and then the 18.5% increase was then levied on top as a double whammy.

AngryNYker readers are a knowledgeable lot, and typically follow the workings and misfires of NY city and state government closely, but the average New Yorker, who merely tracks the headlines, will now, once again, be convinced that NYC's very real financial troubles were little more than scare-tactic hyperventilation, if Mayor Bloomberg can so easily give back what was recently so painfully taken.

Fiscal conservatives continue to be severely disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg's unwillingness to seriously address NYC's social spending, which per capita stands head and shoulders above every other city in the U.S., or to roll back the number of NYC governmental workers, which has risen substantially in the past ten years. This topic is too complicated to cover in a blurb, but it's one we'll continue to visit regularly. Stay tuned.

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