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Thursday, May 08, 2003

  • Class A Vacancies fell from 26.33 million RSF to 26.07 million RSF.
  • Total Market Vacancies declined from 48.19 million RSF to 47.89 million RSF, as both Total Direct and Sublease vacancies fell from 34.01 million RSF to 33.76 million RSF and from 14.18 to 14.13 million RSF respectively.
  • Midtown vacancies rose from 25.16 million RSF to 25.82 million RSF, while both Midtown South and Downtown vacancies declined from 10.47 million RSF to 9.82 million RSF and from 12.56 million RSF to 12.25 million RSF respectively.
  • Total Vacant Space in Midtown continued its year long rise as Total Direct Lease space increased from 17.03 million RSF to 17.67 million RSF and Total Sublease vacancies increased to 8.15 million RSF.
  • The decrease in total vacancies in Midtown South was largely a result of a decline in Direct Lease availabilities from 7.57 million RSF to 6.99 million RSF. During the same period Total Sublease vacancies fell slightly to 2.84 million RSF.
  • While Total Direct Lease vacancies fell from 9.41 million RSF to 9.11 million RSF, Total Sublease availabilities remained unchanged

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