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Monday, April 07, 2003
Older entries - March 27, 2001
NYC DOT is no friend to me
I'm not sure what's happening at the NYC Department of Transportation, but I know this the DOT is no friend to me. In fact, DOT in my mind stands for - Dedicated to Obliterating Transit Shortcuts.

I don't know if the DOT is conducting some widescale experiment, or if knee-jerk public policy has simply gotten out of control, but every time I figure out a shortcut the DOT's squad has time and time again stomped on it by adding new stop signs and stop lights.

Back in my old neighborhood of North Flushing, the DOT installed no fewer than five stop lights and two four way stop signs in a period of six months. I can't figure it out. Traffic hasn't increased that much in the area, but all of those new lights and signs were on shortcut routes.

Another example is near the 59th street bridge, specifically the shortcut route leading to and from the upper level between the bridge and the LIE. They were beautiful things, my now gone bridge shortcuts. I'd get off the LIE at the Vandam exit, make a right at the light, drive up Vandam past the Queens correctional facility, hang a left a block before the Queens Blvd intersection, zip down four blocks with no stop signs or lights, make a right at La Guardia Community College, make a left and a final right onto the bridge. Now there's a new stop light at the corner of La Guardia CC, and another under the LIE cutting off the reverse shortcut.

If this continues, mark my words, there will be a stop sign or light at every intersection within NYC in a decade. Is the DOT getting some kickback from the companies making stop signs and traffic lights? I doubt it, but what else explains this newly found fastidiousness for halting traffic where ever possible? You tell me..

Posted by Rich Santalesa on 3/27/01; 2:55:49 AM

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