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Monday, April 07, 2003
Older entries - August 5, 2002

Enough with stupid September 11-driven security idiocy!!
I can't stand idiocy. This alone probably makes me, on many levels, ill-suited for life in New York City, but there you have it. And after the September 11th attack of last year idiocy in the ersatz pursuit of security is rampant in New York city. Here're a few examples. You be the judge.

In many buildings in Manhattan you can no longer meet someone in the lobby. Now, you need to meet them outside. Think that adds to anyone's security? I don't.

Second, virtually no commercial buildings are accepting flower deliveries or hand-delivered packages to the concierge's desk. The reason, security. Unless someone hides killer bees in a bouquet of begonias, why the ban on flowers? Or alternately, what the hell is a concierge for if not to accept packages? Today, for example, a friend ran a presentation uptown to drop off at company x after 5p.m. But the concierge's desk at the building where company x is wouldn't accept it. The three dudes at the desk, let's call them Moe, Larry and Curly, cited security reasons. Hey, guys, the business of America is business, not security. Take the freaking package already. We have jobs to do.

If this idiocy continues soon the Post Office won't accept letters. Security and all that, you know.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of it. Yes, yes, it's a dangerous world. But it shouldn't be an idiocy-filled world. Give us policies that ACTUALLY bear some semblance of rationality in its linkage to security and I'm Johnny-on-the-spot. Otherwise I'm Johnny-getta-your-stupidity-outta-my-face. Here's your package, pal.

Posted by Rich Santalesa on 8/5/02; 5:31:25 PM

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